Parliament to track progress on MW2063 implementation

Speaker of Parliament Right Honourable Catherine Gotani-Hara says Parliament will soon starting tracking progress on the Malawi 2063 implementation to ensure that various government and non-governmental agencies are held accountable on what they have done in the realization of the vision.

Speaking in her office on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 when the National Planning Commission (NPC) presented to her the Malawi 2063 Champions Certificate, Gotani-Hara said Parliament has a key role to play in the realization of the Malawi 2063, including providing oversight in its implementation.

She said Parliament will soon assign one of its committees to summon various officials to explain what they have done so far in the implementation of the Malawi 2063 as outlined in the MW2063 First 10 Year Implementation Plan (MIP-1).

“It’s a few years now since the vision was launched and its time implementers started accounting for what they have done this far.

“We don’t want Malawi 2063 to flop like Vision 2020,” said Gotani-Hara.

Speaking after presenting the certificate, NPC Board Chairperson Professor Richard Mkandawire said Parliament has been key to the internalization of the Malawi 2063 this far, including ensuring that enabling legislation has been passed to ensure its success.

He cited the repeal of the Political Parties Act in 2021 which now makes it mandatory for political parties to align their manifestos to the national vision.

Mkandawire said the MW2063 Champions certificate to Gotani-Hara was a symbol of the recognition of the role she has played in rallying Members of Parliament to support the national vision.

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