MGDS III Other Development Areas

The MGDSIII also pays attention to other development areas that are essential complements to the KPAs. In this regard, the other development areas considered are:

1. Financial Services
This sector will be critical to achieving economic growth envisaged in this strategy as it will support the attainment of the objectives of the key priority areas through mobilization of both domestic and international resources to support those areas.
2. Disaster Risk Management and Social Support
The emphasis is to reduce vulnerability and enhance the resilience of the population to disasters and socioeconomic and shocks from household, community, district to national level.
3. Gender, Youth Development, Persons with Disability and Social Welfare Gender
Gender and Social Welfare is a cross-cutting area which is crucial for the socio-economic development as it impacts all sectors of the economy. The goal is to build an equitable society where opportunity is not defined by sex, age, disability and other vulnerabilities.
4. Human Settlement and Physical Planning
This sector will make sure that effective mechanisms are developed to make sure that all physical developments take place in accordance with physical development plans in all statutory planning areas and rural growth center. 5. Environmental Sustainability
The environment plays a very significant role in influencing social and economic development at all levels. The emphasis is to promote sustainable management of the environment and natural resources.
6. HIV and AIDS Management
The goal is to reduce new infections, HIV and AIDS related deaths and stigma and discrimination.
7. Nutrition
Eliminating stunting and other forms of malnutrition is a necessary step for inclusive and sustained development in the country. Therefore, there is need to improve nutrition wellbeing of the population that effectively contributes to economic growth and prosperity.
8. Peace and Security
Peace and security are essential preconditions which must be guarded for national, social, economic and political prosperity. The goal is to promote peace and protect the sovereignty, territorial integrity and vital interests of Malawi against both external and internal threats.

MGDS III Other Development Areas

The following are key documents of the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy III Other Development Areas. Click on link to open/download document

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