NPC leads digital economy strategy crafting for Malawi

NPC leads digital economy strategy crafting for Malawi

The National Planning Commission (NPC) has embarked on the development of a Digital Economy Strategy for Malawi, which will be one of the tools for operationalisation of the National Transformation 2063.

The strategy will also be a key part of building long-term capacity for addressing emerging challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic which has necessitated the sudden requirement of digital services such as e-learning, e-health, e-meetings, e-government, e-finance and others.

NPC has partnered with two international ICT support agencies, Digital Pathways at Oxford and Genesis Analytics based in South Africa, to support the Government of Malawi in producing a strategy for the development of inclusive growth and scaling-up of information technologies across all sectors of the economy.

Through the exercise, a digital readiness assessment is set to be undertaken to provide a baseline for the levels of digital development in Malawi across infrastructure, human capital and labour markets, access to finance and market structures, and policy and regulation.

A steering committee, chaired by the Secretary to the President and Cabinet, has been set up to provide strategic oversight and sign off on the deliverables.

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