National Long and Medium Term Plans & Programmes

National Plans

Previous initiatives of development planning in Malawi started immediately after independence in 1964. The first were the ten-year Development Policies (10yr Dev Pols). However, In 1998, after the country adopted a multiparty system of Government, Malawi developed the Vision 2020 which was a long-term development framework upon which short and medium-term plans would be based.

These medium term plans have included the Malawi Poverty Reduction Strategy (MPRS; 2000-2005); the Malawi Growth and Development Strategies (MGDS) from 2005, the latest being MGDS III which focuses on building a productive, competitive and resilient nation over the period 2017 to 2022. In between, there also have been other notable plans which did not get to be fully implemented like the Malawi Economic Growth Strategy (2004) and the Malawi Economic Recovery Plan (2012-2014).

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Sectoral Plans

Sectoral planning is key to achieving national development. Through sectoral planning multisectoral efforts are achieve and crosscutting isses are handled with a common approach. Malawi has several sectoral plans that feed into the delivery of the national development plans.

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Districts Plans

The local goverment in Malawi is decentralised, thus devolving power to the local assemblies to manager their our local development actvities. In alignment with various national development plans, district assemblies, also plan their activities. These plans answer to specific needs of the local assemblies.

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