Malawi now has a new vision, Malawi 2063 or MW2063 in short, and we are currently in the next important phase of it – implementation. As a country we have become renowned for being good at crafting planning and policy documents but poor on implementation. We now have a challenge as a country to change that reputation and prove to ourselves and the world that we can also be doers. MW2063 presents us with that opportunity and it’s really a golden one.

The vision document has been widely applauded in its formulation. Most Malawians, including policy makers, agree that it captures the aspirations of the people of Malawi and that it is highly relevant to the country. However, old doubts are still being expressed on its implementation, reference often being made to past development plans, including Vision 2020, which were also acclaimed for their content but didn’t register on the ground.

However, there are also many of us who are optimistic and are determined to make MW2063 different. There are so many things that give us hope that MW2063 will be a game changer and that is will be one planning document that will be associated more with action and results than just its beautiful terminology.

One of the reasons that gives hope to MW2063 is that Malawians have demonstrated rare enthusiasm to change the course of the country, not just in politics but also in governance and economic management. And that passion is mostly visible among the youth who, because of increased exposure to transformation taking place elsewhere in the region and around the world, can’t comprehend why the same is not happening in Malawi. It is therefore more likely that unlike before, Malawians will be more proactive in demanding performance and taking to task the leadership at all levels if it derails them from achieving their aspirations.

Also, worth noting is that the MW2063 document itself has drawn many lessons from Vision 2020 and other past development plans and has clearly spelt out how challenges that affected the full implementation of the past blue prints will be addressed.

Talking of which, it’s very warming and applaudable to see the current political leadership continuing with most of the development projects started off by previous political regimes and supervising them to ensure quality and timely completion. This mind-set should never be taken for granted for its sustenance is also dependent on well-meaning Malawians recognizing such good efforts, thereby encouraging them to do more. This at the heart of the spirit that led to formation of the National Planning Commission. To promote a culture of continuity of good development policies and programmes and promoting their scaling-up.

At the moment, mechanisms are being developed to ensure implementation of MW2063. As the National Planning Commission, we are coordinating the task of drafting the first 10 Year Implementation Plan of MW2063 which we expect to complete and deliver to the government and the people of Malawi very soon. After that, it will be nothing but action, action and more action. It is Time to Get Things Done!

The Malawi we want is possible, it all begins with you and me!

Thomas Chataghalala Munthali, PhD

Director General, National Planning Commission     

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Post Author: Thomas Chataghalala Munthali PHD