NPC unveils first group of Malawi 2063 Champions

The National Planning Commission (NPC) on Monday, August 15, 2020 unveiled the first group of MW2063 Champions who include all former presidents recognized as inter-generational development champions as well as various Malawians honoured as champions under each pillar and enabler of the Malawi.

Malawi’s President His Excellency Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has also been decorated the Overall Champion of the Malawi 2063 national vision which was launched in January 2020 as the country’s new development blueprint to transform the country into an inclusively wealthy, industrialised, self-reliant upper middle-income country by the year 2063.

Unveiling the champions during an event broadcast live on MBC TV, NPC Chairperson Professor Richard Mkandawire said the Commission has started identifying and recognizing Champions of the Malawi 2063 who are patriotic Malawians that have or are passionately taking us in the right direction from either intensively popularizing long-term development planning and continuity of development programmes and have been doing or supporting outstanding self-reliance or inclusive wealth-creating interventions worthy emulating and scaling-up.

“We celebrate such Malawians and hope others can be inspired and take ownership in the implementation of our country’s vision. The champions are like captains who rally their troops towards a common goal. As we move forward, we will also recognize institutions beyond individuals, that are implementing transformative initiatives,” said Mkandawire.

He explained that that leaders of the political parties represented in Parliament and former heads of state have largely been recognized due to their critical role of championing continuity of development policies and programmes beyond political regimes and that with the exception of the heads of the three arms of Government, no civil servant nor Member of Parliament nor Cabinet Minister has been bestowed with the Champion title “since they are all by default supposed to champion implementation of the country’s long-term development vision”.

Prof. Mkandawire has since explained that NPC will continue to engage with any of the champions who is willing to remain engaged in efforts of popularizing and pushing for action in the implementation of the MW2063 as contained in the Vision Pillars and Enablers.

“A coalition of the willing champions will promote and publicize implementation of the national vision and its strategic aspirations. Specifically, the champions will use the various platforms on which they already operate, to inspire and motivate Malawians on the MW2063 and ensuring that the country implements catalytic interventions that will help it graduate into a low middle-income country and meet most of the SDGs by 2030,” explained Mkandawire.

Below is the full list of the Champions as announced by NPC:


Dr. Hastings Kamuzu Banda, Former President (RIP)

  1. A strong believer of long-term planning and development – he initiated the 10-year Development Policies (Dev-pols).
  2. Championed the construction of strong socio-economic infrastructure such as roads, rail, a university and strong agricultural development infrastructure/institutions that withstood the taste of time.
  3. Made efforts at inclusive development – a good hospital and secondary school in every district with more-less similar features.

Dr. Bakili Muluzi, Former President

  1. Led the setting-up of enabling governance institutions such as the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Malawi Human Rights Commission, Ombudsman, Law Commission, Financial Intelligence Unit.
  2. Initiated the Vision 2020, long-term development planning on which the MW2063 is building on.
  3. Inclusive empowerment through free primary school education

Prof. Bingu wa Mutharika, Former President (RIP)

  1. He dreamed long-term (in colour) and hence initiated several socio-economic infrastructure projects such as Parliament Building, the Malawi University of Science and Technology and BICC
  2. Initiated several agriculture transforming initiatives such as the FISP and the Greenbelt Initiative meant to achieve sustainable food security and turning the country to predominantly exporting one.
  3. Demonstrated that achieving high-level sustained economic growth is possible for a determined nation.

Dr. Joyce Banda, Former President

  1. Has been a strong believer in empowering the girl child with education and women empowerment through entrepreneurship, way before she became President.
  2. Strong believer in inclusive wealth creation and self-reliance by taking development to the people – Mudzi Transformation was such an effort.
  3. A good listener to sound technical advice – which saw her leadership restore sustainable macroeconomic stability foundations within a short time.

Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, Former President

  1. Strong believer in continuity of development programmes and policies – initiated the establishment of the National Planning Commission through an Act of Parliament; he also launched the nation-wide consultations for developing the Malawi 2063.
  2. A strong believer in youth empowerment and taking development to the people –efforts include construction of community technical colleges and expansion of infrastructure in almost all public universities.
  3. Respected people’s right to voice out their concerns and exercise their freedoms towards defining their own destiny.


His Excellency the President of the Republic of Malawi, Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera

  1. Remarkable passion towards the MW2063 – Makes reference to it at every opportunity – without confining himself to his Hi-Fives.
  2. Strong believer in continuity of development projects and programmes beyond political regimes – mobilizing resources even on projects started by his predecessors.
  3. Making stern efforts at fighting corruption both from within and without his circle of authority as well as rallying the nation in fighting the vice.


Right Hon. Catherine Gotani-Hara, MP, Speaker of Parliament

She has been a strong advocate of the Malawi 2063 and has rallied MPs to pass laws that support the realization of the vision, including the amendment to the Political Parties Act to make it mandatory for political parties to align their manifestos to the Malawi 2063.

His Lordship the Chief Justice Rezine Mzikamanda, SC

He has been an epitome and champion of the rule of law which is a key tenet in the MW2063, despite the capacity challenges facing the judiciary

Recognising efforts by Leaders of political parties represented in Parliament in rallying their followers and ensuring that the laws and budgets being passed align to the future Malawi we want

Leadership of political parties represented in Parliament

  1. His Excellency Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera – MCP
  2. His Excellency Prof. Peter Mutharika – DPP
  3. His Honour, Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima – UTM
  4. Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda – PP
  5. Atupele Muluzi (and Ms. Lilian Patel) – UDF
  6. Enock Chihana – AFORD
  7. Mark Katsonga – PPM


Rt. Hon. Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima, Vice President of the Republic of Malawi

  1. Renowned figure both locally and internationally on mindset change
  2. When given a portfolio to manage, he dedicates all his efforts and energy to succeed – e.g. championing public sector reforms
  3. A champion on promoting a sense of urgency – makes stern follow-ups on public sector reforms’ implementation and keeps to time.


Mr. Pemphero Mphande, Social Media Influencer and Co-Founder of FACT

A popular social media influencer, with a large following on Facebook. He co-founded FACT, an organization aimed at reducing HIV/AIDS by increasing Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services for youth. He campaigns for youth rights in economic empowerment through entrepreneurship and employment.

Ms. Bertha Mkandawire Munthali, founder, Yellow Kingdom Network

She runs Yellow Kingdom Network, which is an African themed edutainment initiative aimed at promoting the Malawian child while addressing socio-economic issues and advocating for the Malawi we want through the eye and brain of a child. She is passionate about Malawi’s economic transformation through wealth creation and self-reliance.

Mr. Charles Ulaya, Social media influencer and banker

He is a senior banker but takes time to speak out on issues of public concern in Malawi through his Facebook page. He has grown into one of the social media influencers in Malawi, often speaking out loudly on issues of governance and economic management. He believes that Malawi can transform tremendously if the country can focus on making the Malawi 2063 dream a reality.

Paramount Chief Chikulamayembe, Rumphi

A strong and influential traditional leader who is passionate about the well-being of his subjects and the country. He speaks out publicly on matters of national importance and is a strong advocate of inclusive economic transformation of the country, including natural resource conservation, combating wildlife crimes and ecotourism.

Paramount Chief Kawinga, Machinga

A strong and influential traditional leader who is passionate about national development and economic transformation of the country. Very proactive, with outstanding initiatives when it comes to matters of the welfare of his people.

Paramount Chief Dr. Kyungu XXIV, Karonga & Chitipa

A long-serving traditional leader who commands a lot of respect nationally and amongst his people. Highly outspoken and articulate on mattes of national development and a key agent for mindset change aimed at driving communities towards self-reliance.

Paramount Chief Lundu, Chikwawa

A strong and influential traditional leader who is actively involved in various development and industrial initiatives in the Lower Shire, including the Shire Valley Transformation Project and the production and processing of sugar by Illovo and several cane grower cooperatives in the area. He is key to mindset change amongst his people, driving communities towards wealth creation and self-reliance.

His Royal Majesty Inkosi ya Makhosi M’Mbelwa V, Mzimba

A young and highly knowledgeable traditional leader with energy and drive towards economic transformation of communities under his chieftaincy. Being youthful, he is key to mobilization of the youth towards their participation in the implementation and realisation of the Malawi 2063.


Dr. Candida Nakhumwa, Country Director, Agricultural Transformation Initiative 

She had worked closely with smallholder farmer organizations and agricultural cooperatives to promote crop diversification and structured value chains for transformation and inclusive growth of Malawian farmers.

Dr. Betty Chinyamunyamu, Chief Executive Officer, National Smallholder Farmers Association of Malawi -NASFAM

Under her leadership, NASFAM has facilitated the formation of many farmers’ associations which are bringing together smallholder farmers into commercialized agriculture. She has also promoted value addition, with NASFAM having its own food processing plant, leading to a huge boost in farmer earnings.

Ms. Ngabaghila Chatata, Owner, Thanthwe
Agriculture Enterprise

Her trend-setting farming enterprise produces and supplies horticultural and livestock products to supermarkets, hotels and individual homes in Lilongwe and beyond. In addition, the farm also provides training and incubation to up-coming farmers.


Ms. Mdingase Tewete, Managing Director, Kombeza Foods

Through her company, which makes affordable, popular and well branded export-quality milk products such as Kombeza Yoghurt, she has demonstrated that industrialization, through processing and value-addition of agricultural produce, is possible in Malawi.

Dr. Grain Malunga, Lead Consultant, Geomine Services

A renowned mining expert well-known for facilitating a number of mining investments in the country. He strongly believes that mining will soon be Malawi’s main source of GDP growth and frequently provides advice on how the country can grow its mining sector in line with the Malawi 2063 Enabler of Industrialisation, which includes mining.


Dr. Napoleon Dzombe, Chairman and Managing Director, Mtalimanja Holdings

His latest landmark venture is a magnificent hotel located in his home village in Dowa. He also established the School of Agriculture for Family Independence (SAFI) aimed at empowering local communities. He is now establishing a big value addition factory for rice near his rural home area.

Ms. Lonnie Ncozana, Co-owner, Kutchire
Ecotourism Lodge

Their family-owned Kutchire Ecotourism Lodge near Liwonde National Park in Machinga is one of Malawi’s unique safari tourism facilities. Through the lodge, they have demonstrated how Malawi can use its richness in safari adventures to develop the tourism industry in line with the pillar of Urbanisation in the Malawi 2063.

Mr. Haroon Sacranie, Chairman, ZST Investments

He founded and owns ZST Investments, which is a group of companies that employs hundreds of Malawians across 15 subsidiaries located primarily in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Mzuzu. The group, among other things, owns Crossroads Hotels in Blantyre and Lilongwe and a chain of fast-food outlets which include Steers, Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn and Galitos.


His Grace Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa, Blantyre Archidiocese

A fearless advocate of a dignified life of every Malawian and strong adherence to the rule of law.

Mr. Charles Kajoloweka, Executive Director, Youth and Society (YAS)

A frontline human rights activist, he is also an Ambassador for Sustainable Development Goal 16 under the 16×16 Youth Initiative hosted by the UNDP and Government of Italy. A 2017 Malawi Human Rights Personality of the Year, he leads various governance and human rights initiatives in Malawi in the areas of anti-corruption, rule of law, fighting inequality, youth engagement, democracy and freedom of expression.


Dr. Henry Chingaipe, Director, Institute for Policy Research and Social Empowerment

Through the Institute for Policy Research and Social Empowerment, which is a local think-tank that focuses on politics, governance and development in Malawi, Dr. Chingaipe continues to provide independent analyses around political economy issues that are key to the acceleration of the attainment of the MW2063 goals.

Dr. Elias Ngalande, Economist and Banker

A highly respected and seasoned economist and banker with vast experience working in strategic management positions in the public and private sector locally and internationally. He has been an influential figure in shaping the country’s envisioning process and in defining the medium-term catalytic interventions for realising the Malawi 2063.


Mr. Vizenge Kumwenda, Group Managing Director, NICO Holdings Plc

A revered corporate executive with a notable track record of driving private sector growth in Malawi. Under his leadership, NICO Group continues to be a market leader in the financial and other key sectors of the country and is one of the key vehicles through which private sector investment will be increased to expand its contribution towards Malawi’s GDP and to the industrialization agenda of the MW2063.

Mr. Lekani Katandula, Managing Director, Illovo Sugar Malawi

First Malawian Managing Director for Illovo Sugar and current President of the Malawi Confederation of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The sugar industry is booming under his leadership and is promoting massive inclusivity in sugar production by involving more smallholder sugarcane growers.


Prof. Address Malata, Vice Chancellor, Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST)

The first female public university Vice Chancellor in Malawi, she has spearheaded the development and implementation of various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the fields of health, science, innovation and technology and is behind the establishment of an industrial incubation centre taking shape at MUST, an important contribution to the MW2063’s Industrialization Pillar.

Senior Chief Kachindamoto, Dedza

A renowned warrior and advocate in the fight against child-marriages, a key ingredient for a managed, quality, healthy and educated human resource that is envisaged under MW2063. She has won acclaim locally and internationally for her forceful action in dissolving child marriages and insisting on education for both girls and boys.

Prof. Emmanuel Kaunda, Vice Chancellor, LUANAR

A globally renowned Professor of fisheries science who is championing aquaculture and fisheries research and farming as well as the youth agribusiness incubation centre to support the economic and social transformation of the SADC Region.

Ms. Lingalireni Mihowa, Country Director, Oxfam Malawi

A revered leader in the NGO sector who has over the years been championing self-reliance catalytic interventions in the areas of governance, gender equality and women’s rights, sexual and reproductive health, humanitarian work, livelihoods security and youth development.


Mr. Bram Fudzulani, Co-Founder, Angle Dimension

Leading one of Malawi’s top financial technology startups, he is also President of the ICT Association of Malawi (ICTAM) through which he is passionately driving the ICT agenda in Malawi, a key component of the Malawi 2063.

Ms. Rosemary Mkandawire, Chief Executive Officer, Power Market Limited

A strong believer and advocate in the power of markets in driving economic growth, including the role of the state in working closely with the private sector. She was part of the small group of men and women involved in setting up the Privatization Commission of Malawi, now Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC).

Mr. Mayamiko Nkoloma, Managing Director, iMoSys

He is one of Malawi’s renowned innovators in the ICT sector and owns one of the leading digital technology start-ups in the country. His innovations include a water kiosk management system that is currently being used by various water boards in the country. He also lectures in ICT at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS), thereby contributing significantly in the development of future ICT engineers in the country who are key to the realization of the Malawi 2063.


Prof. Sosten Chiotha, Regional Director, Leadership for Environment and Development

An internationally celebrated environmentalist who continues to champion restoration of the environment and is behind the Lake Chilwa Basin restoration efforts.

His Royal Majesty Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani V, Ntcheu

A youthful chief of the Maseko Ngoni of Malawi and Mozambique who is a strong advocate of self-reliant communities. He has passion for the protection and restoration of forests and is Patron of Ngwenyama Environmental Initiative, a local initiative that promotes environmental stewardship in all areas under his jurisdiction.

Mr. Mathews Malata,
President, Environmental Journalists Association

A journalist, communicator and environmentalist who is passionate about nature and the importance of preserving it for future generations. He effortlessly advocates for environmental restoration through high-level and grassroots engagements and using his journalistic work.


Ms. Madalitso Chipekwe, Co-Chair, NPC Youth  Core Advisory Panel

She is a youth leader and one of the founders of ACADES, a youth-led organization that is connecting smallholder farming youth groups to sustainable markets and financing opportunities

Mr. Asharn Kossam, Co-Chair, Youth Core Advisory Panel

He is a strong advocate of the Malawi 2063 and has played a significant role in the popularization of the vision through various youth networks and social media platforms.


Mr. Evance Piksy Zangazanga, Award winning musician 

Popularly known as Piksy, he is a top musician and one of Malawi’s most celebrated and popular artists. In 2015, he was nominated for Best Male Southern Africa Musician category at the continental Kora Awards. His songs enjoy massive airplay and downloads and once broke the record for highest downloads on He is the artist behind the MW2063 theme song

Mr. Lawrence ‘Lulu’ Khwisa, Musician

A renowned urban musician with a huge following both among the young and old folk. He is a highly skilled guitarist and used to make his own guitars in his early days as a budding artist. He is a full-time music producer, writer, composer and a jazz guitarist and owns his own music company, Mathumela, with audio and video studio facilities that are facilitating the development of many up-coming musicians in the country.


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