Kamuzu’s family for development structures that will last generations

Member of Parliament for Kasungu Central Hon. Ken Kandodo, representing the family of late former president Dr. Hasting Kamuzu-Banda, has challenged the new generation of Malawian leader to build development structures that will stand strong for a long time just like the country’s founding father did.

He was speaking at his Area 43 residence in Lilongwe on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 when the National Planning Commission (NPC) presented to the family the MW2063 Intergenerational Champions Certificate to Dr. Banda, posthumously, for laying strong development foundations that are making it possible for Malawians to dream about the new Malawi 2063 national vision.

Speaking to the gathering that included different generations of Kamuzu’s family, Kandodo said Kamuzu deserved the recognition because he was visionary.

“All the development structures that Kamuzu built still stand strong. This is what all the leaders, including Members of Parliament, must emulate.

“We should be visionary, build big things of good quality that will still be there even after our serving time phases. Structures that will stand the test of time. We should not do things just for campaign purposes,” said Kandodo.

“To Malawians, let us receive the MW2063 vision and work hard to rely on ourselves,” he added.

Presenting the certificate, NPC Chairperson Professor Richard Mkandawire said NPC has recognized Kamuzu because he laid a strong foundation for the transformation of the country, citing universities, roads and his strong focus on agriculture as good examples.

Ngwazi emphasized on discipline and commitment to hard work and made efforts for inclusive development.

“The nation is still grateful for his efforts. This is the reason the National Planning Commission and the whole nation is celebrating and recognizing this great son of Malawi,” he said.

NPC Director General Dr. Thomas Munthali explained that NPC thought it wise to be recognizing the people that have played a part in the transformation of this nation as champions, preferably while they are still alive.

“I believe Ngwazi would have been happy to be recognized as a champion while still alive,” said Munthali.






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