NPC Lectures MUBAS Students on MW2063

National Planning Commission – NPC’s Director for Development Planning Dr. Grace Kumchulesi was a guest lecturer on the Malawi 2063 national vision to students studying tourism, finance, banking and entrepreneurship at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) main campus in Blantyre.

Kumchulesi, a former economics tutor at the University of Malawi in Zomba, rekindled her teaching days when she passionately took the MUBAS students through the country’s long term development blue print and the importance of young people owning it and taking a leading role in its realisation.

“The Malawi 2063 is youth centric and its success is hugely dependent on you young Malawians. This is actually your vision,” said Kumchulesi.

She challenged the students to champion entrepreneurship, science and technology as well as innovation both as students and after they graduate from college.

Dr Martin Phangaphanga, MUBAS’s Acting Head of Tourism Management, was quick to indicate the need for increased popularisation of the MW2063 to ensure that there is ownership and understanding of the vision to enhance its implementation.

It was agreed therefore that NPC and MUBAS should continue to collaborate to ensure increased knowledge and ownership of MW2063 among students.

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