Mangochi is one of the districts in the Southern Region of Malawi and the last of lakeshore districts on Lake Malawi. The district covers an area of 6,273 sq. km. and has a population of 610,239.

The main commercial activities of the district are fishing in Lake Malawi and upper Shire River, and agriculture with main crops grown being tobacco, cotton and maize on the upper regions while rice is grown in the marshy dambo lands. Mangochi has several tourist destinations on the lakeshores attracting local and international tourists. Mangochi is also home to Lake Malawi National Park that hosts a rare cichlid fish species. To the east, Mangochi has an international border with Mozambique.

Mangochi has 11 second level subdivisions:1. TA Makanjila, 2. Monkey Bay Urban, 3. SC Namabvi, 4. TA Katuli, 5. TA Nankumba, 6. TA Jalasi, 7. TA Mponda, 8. Mangochi Town, 9. SC MbwanaNyambi, 10. SC Chowe and 11. TA Chimwala

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