As part of fostering implementation of interventions to achieve Malawi 2063 aspirations, the National Planning Commission (NPC) reached out to the Malawi Police Service to discuss initiatives that would inculcate a development focused mindset in delivering security services in the country.

On Wednesday 6th April 2022, NPC Research Manager Dr. Andrew Jamali, engaged the training directorate of the Malawi Police Service on leveraging knowledge of MW2063 and mainstreaming the new vision in the MPS operations, especially training and research.

In attendance from the MPS were Commissioner of Police responsible for Training, Happy Mkandawire, Senior Assistant Commissioner Jane Mandala who is the training director, Assistant Superintendent Patrick Khuoge who is the desk officer for training.

Among the initiatives discussed was conducting orientation sessions with different cadres in the Malawi Police Service on Malawi 2063 and its first operationalizing strategy, the MW2063 first 10-year Implementation Plan (MIP-1), focusing on interventions under the MW2063 enablers of 1. Effective Governance Systems and Institutions and 2. Enhanced Public Sector performance.

In his remarks, Dr. Jamali noted that the Malawi Police Service, like all other security services institutions in the country, has a pivotal role of ensuring the country’s security systems are productively functional to enhance wealth creation and self-reliance, the key pursuits of Malawi 2063.

‘Understanding interventions to operationalize the enablers’ interventions is therefore pivotal to inculcating a development centered and focused culture in the MPS, one that will ensure the country is a secure economic investment destination, towards the pursuit of wealth creation and self-reliance’ he said.

On his part, Commissioner Mkandawire opined that further to the orientations is institutionalizing development modules in the MPS curricula used in training recruits, to ensure the modernized MPS is development focused, responding to Malawi’s development needs and aspirations.

‘Training of trainers [in the Police] on the country’s development frameworks and how they apply to MPS areas of work is essential in helping the police contribute to the country’s development agenda, as officers graduating from the MPS training schools will be programed to deliver their expected roles with a sense of duty to the country’s development pursuit’, he said.

The discussions pointed to an understanding where experts from NPC would provide tailor made training sessions to would-be MPS trainers on the country’s vision, its operationalizing framework; MIP-1 and other supporting national development plans.


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Post Author: NPC