Downloads: The Potential for Mega-Farms to Transform Malawian Agriculture

The Government of Malawi has committed to transform agricultural production through large-scale farming in the form of “mega-farms” that will be centers of large-scale production and serve as an anchor for other farmers in surrounding communities by attracting private markets for inputs and outputs. The Malawi 2063 (MW2063) Agenda, which describes what the government aspires to accomplish before the nation’s centennial, specifies a need to develop mega-farms to increase agricultural production, productivity, and commercialization, and to contribute to urbanization and industrialization.

This study presents findings from the review of literature from Malawi and other African countries on the performance of large farms and their impacts on surrounding communities and smallholder farmers. The study also presents results from interviews with key informants (agricultural sector experts) regarding how best the mega-farms concept can be implemented by the Government of Malawi.

Download the full report here..


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